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Why We Design With WordPress

At Go Creative Go! we choose WordPress (instead of Joomla or Drupal). Here’s why! Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: there are some occasions when Joomla and/or Drupal win out over WordPress: WordPress is more frequently targeted by hackers (thus requiring more attention to security) and really falls flat as a true content management system, […]

Social Design: Your Brand Presence On Social Media

When we think about design, numerous phrases come to mind: interior, graphic, web, etc. But when I say the words “social design”, I often get quizzical looks. Then the questions start. Oh, you mean my logo? Oh, are you talking about my Facebook cover? Oh, okay! We’re discussing my blog header, right? Yes, but there’s […]

When Cheap Cheats You: Titillating And Tricky Titles

Misleading Marketing: Take It Out Of Your Article Titles! tit·il·lat·ing ˈtitlˌātiNG/ adjective arousing mild sexual excitement or interest; salacious. “she let slip titillating details about her clients” While we have a tendency to equate the the word “cheap” with money and fees, it’s important to understand that it’s quite possible to cheapen a reputation and […]

Power Down Positivity Princess!

Before I get started, I feel I have to share a disclaimer! I AM NOT against positivity. If I am against anything it’s the idea that a positive attitude alone is all you need to succeed. That’s what I’ll be discussing if you choose to continue reading. Let’s take a look at a couple quotes […]