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Web Design Woes: Team Problem or Team Solution?

Today I’d like to dig a little deeper into two web design truths that we deal with on nearly every project we contract. Those truths: The customer is NOT always right The designer/developer is NOT always right I often state that you have to “get the balance right,” and that holds true on web design and development projects. In order for a website to […]

Conversation: It Makes Social Sharing Even Better!

You see it every day. Screen after screen after screen. A Twitter feed full of nothing but retweets. Kinda boring. Some might consider it over-automated. General consensus? Meh. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a well-intended and well-researched retweet. It can’t be said enough, caring is ABSOLUTELY sharing. But you can’t let the […]

Top 10 Twitter Tactics That Make You A Twittering Idiot!

Social media, when managed, maintained and used properly, can be magical. For businesses it offers up a chance to engage with current and potential clients, allowing you to broaden and deepen a relationship. However, when poorly utilized, there’s possibly nothing more annoying and potentially deal breaking. Sadly, Twitter – my favorite social media platform, tends […]

Choosing The Right WordPress Theme

Let’s assume you read our article on choosing between a pre-packaged, out of the box, theme versus custom development and you’ve landed firmly on the side of purchasing a WordPress theme. With all of the themes that are out there, it’s easy for information overload to set in. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find […]

Conversational Social By Design: Get Rid Of The Geek Speak!

Ditch the Dweeb Discourse! When you’re a geek you have a language all your own (OK, the other geeks understand – sometimes). As a self-professed geek (card carrying frequent ThinkGeek shopper who casually peppers conversation with Star Wars, Marvel Movie and Princess Bride quotes), I work hard to keep my social voice just that. SOCIAL. […]

Social Media Marketing IS ABOUT Y-O-U

I know this flies in the face of much of what we hear touted by the experts. We’re so often told that everything about social media marketing should be endeavored with your ideal client in mind. I realize you’re possibly scratching your head and wondering if I’ve gone round the bend and completely off track. […]

Decision: Purchase A WordPress Theme Or Hire A Developer?

I might be breaking some web designer guild rules by saying this, BUT you do not necessarily need to hire a web designer to create your website. There are tens of thousands of supported WordPress themes out there that can be had for around $50 through sites like Themeforest.net and WooThemes.com. These themes are generally designed for maximum accessibility […]