The Truly Successful Don’t Slap You Across The Face With It!

The Truly Successful Don't Slap You Across The Face With It!

I’m soooooooooo busy. I barely have time to breathe. I don’t know how I’m going to fit that in.

We’ve all heard it. The busy buzz. If it were a dance it would be called the pseudo-success strut.

Because, let me tell you something, the truly successful don’t have time to pander to the public by repeatedly touting how very busy each minute keeps them.

Success Screams Silently

I decided to move this topic to the top of my publishing queue after a smart, and somewhat snarky, discussion took place on Daniel Newman’s (Broadsuite, Millennial CEO) Facebook wall.

Daniel’s premise? It’s easily summed up with this short snippet from his Facebook post:

… over the years, the people that have impressed me the most have never had to report their amazingness.

Innovators Park Ego At The Curb!

When you’re involved in a project, even one for which you are getting paid, the end is supposed to be a solution, an end to a pain point, the fulfillment of a need. Not accolades. Not applause. Not even a write-up on the Interwebs.

While solutions are sought, that must be the focus. How can you truly innovate, or even put together a carefully crafted fix, when your current intent isn’t on the delivery of that solution.

When your intent is to increase your own perceived clout and increase your own sense of importance, you’re no longer focused on your client or the collaboration.

When you seek only innovative ways to implement your own importance you’re no longer putting client needs first.

Wins Are Wonderful …

And you should celebrate them. You should share them with your followers and peer group.

Trust me, I hate losing as much as the next guy. We all want more wins than losses on our score card.

But real winners are those who learn from the losses. Real winners can take a hit without whining and don’t have to flaunt every point scored. Real winners dance only briefly in the end zone and get back to the game before a ref has to throw a flag for excessive celebration.

Real winners know that a single touchdown isn’t enough if you don’t get back into the game and keep playing.

I’m not really sure how I managed to tie this to football, when I generally hit on tennis or mountain biking when I compare business to sport. But it worked, so I guess I’ll just roll with it!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Real winners, especially in business, don’t flaunt every point scored!” quote=”Real winners, especially in business, don’t have to flaunt every point scored!” theme=”style4″]

Showcase Rather Than Shout From The Rooftops

Building a portfolio that showcases your talents and successes seems a smarter use of your time and energies, don’t you think?

[clickToTweet tweet=”When you too often shout your successes, you become part of the noise.” quote=”When you too often shout your successes, you become part of the overwhelming noise.” theme=”style4″]

But when you carefully showcase your successes, keeping in mind that the real success came when a problem was solved, you have the opportunity to create a connection with others currently dealing with that same problem.

Subtle Succeeds!

C’mon, we’re all in this to win. To win clients, win some extra dollars in our wallet, and occasionally even an award. But when it comes to social wins, dare we say social sales, it’s all about subtlety, careful nuance, and the proper intent and purpose.

If your intent and purpose is to toot your own horn, so be it. But eventually shouters find that those around them will plug their ears and seek out a more subtly tuneful song.

Shout Or Showcase?

Which makes you seek out a connection? Which have you found to be more successful as you build your own business and brand?


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    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      So true, Kelly! And thanks for swinging over so quickly to read AND to leave a comment!

  1. Danny Brown (@DannyBrown)
    Danny Brown (@DannyBrown) says:

    So this reminds me of the humblebraggers that get included on some non-important list (like the INC or Forbes Top 50 social media influencer lists, that aren’t lists by INC or Forbes but by an unpaid lackey). The person included usually says, “I don’t normally share these types of list, but humbled and honoured to be alongside such luminaries.”

    FUCK. OFF.

    Sorry. But seriously – like you say, do the work and let the work speak for you.

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      I cannot tell you how much I loved this response. My birthday is tomorrow, Danny, and this is going to go on the list as a present received! I’ll send a thank you card accordingly!

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