For The Love of Facebook …

For The Love of Facebook ...

You have to imagine that title being delivered with every last possible ounce of frustration and foreboding. Like when you say “for the love of Pete” when you’re at your wits end!

Facebook, It’s Not My Favorite …

I think anyone who knows me even the littlest bit, knows this. I haven’t hidden my frustrations and my lack of love.

But, while I think Facebook’s returns will only continue to diminish, even I have to admit there are still some returns to be gained, especially if you’ve already got a fairly established presence.

I just haven’t been willing, up to now, to put in the time, effort and dollars necessary.

Facebook Is Like Spinach

That one might throw your for a loop, but let me explain.

I’m a crazily picky eater. I’m the kind of girl that orders the same thing from a given restaurant because it’s the only menu item that doens’t include any of my NO WAY food phobias.

I know, it is good for me. I even find it pleasant from time to time, but it’s just not my go-to choice when I’m rooting around in the fridge!

I feel the same way about Facebook. I understand it’s absolutely got some digital marketing value and clout. I even have a little fun with it when I take the time to visit and interact with my friends. I even know it’s still a powerhouse for a couple of my clients.

But, when it comes to my own business, it’s fallen to the very bottom of a very long social sharing list.

Facebook Is Annoying!

I have to thank my husband for this header. He reminded me that spinach often gets stuck in your teeth and can be as annoying as all get out.

Facebook, my “friend,” you too are quite annoying. You’ve become a fair weather friend, a fickle tween. You can’t make up your mind, constantly flittering from algorithm change to algorithm change.

Your constant need to remain new, fresh and relevant is understandable. You want to retain your #1 spot, your hold on the title of social media juggernaut.

Facebook Still Has A Function

Lackluster inclusion of both spinach and Facebook has been my own choice. But it’s one that’s been on my mind for a while.

I struggle with anemia, so the added iron boost more spinach in my diet would add is certainly something to think about. And, as I work on creating a new information product based on visuals and visibility, the #VizVibe, I understand that I have to out Facebook and a concerted Facebook effort at the top of my social media marketing list.

Intent, Purpose & The Proper Pairings

It’s all about how you incorporate the things that you know are a good idea, but just aren’t all that jazzed about. I love smoothies, so pulverizing a couple handfuls of spinach along with the berries, cucumber and other fruit and veggie goodness just makes sense.

It’s the same with Facebook. Late last year I stated I was going to take a formulaic approach to Facebook. But I didn’t do so with any real intent and purpose. I wasn’t ready.

Maybe that will make it harder to regain any small hold I once held on Facebook. But it allowed me to spend time on building followings on the platforms that matter more to me and my message, Twitter and Google+.

Facebook, Like Spinach, Requires Proper Intake & Inclusion!

Much as I know that adding more spinach to my diet will make my anemia symptoms easier to keep under control (FYI, that whole Mallie never sleeps thing is tied to it), I also know that carefully and consistently adding Facebook back into my digital marketing and social media sharing mix can only be good for me.

How About You!

Any “good for you” actions you plan to take in the future? Let’s hold each other accountable!