Better Blogging With A Little Help From Depeche Mode!

Better Blogging With A Little Help From Depeche Mode!

Anyone who knows anything about the Harts (Mallie and Derek, if we haven’t connected already) knows our creativity and productivity are fueled by two stimulants. Both 100% legal, of course! Caffeine and music. With iTunes files nearly bulging at the seams, numerous Spotify playlists and record players in each office, as well as in the living room on the floor between – music is part of our work flow.

We realize we’re not unique in this, so we thought it would be fun to bring more of our music love into our content and social media marketing. What better way to do so than to tie better blogging to one of our long-time favorite bands? While Duran Duran was my first concert, I saw Depeche Mode on the Violator tour in 1989 and I’ve never lost my love for their sound.

Without further ado …

Better Blogging With Depeche Mode

Get The Balance Right

This song’s a perfect fit for bloggers looking to better impact their audience. Like the song says, it’s all about getting the balance right. Dave Gahan belts out that you should be be responsible and respectable. Your readers will appreciate it.

What’s the best balance? There’s no one size fits all solution. You have to carefully craft articles that create the right balance for your audience.

Are you balancing education and entertainment? How about popular ideas and belief with a deeper look at the other side of the story?

Two Minute Warning

Get to the point already. Lose the lamentably long article intros. Get to the nitty gritty before you lose the interest of your audience.

Your intro is a big part of the blogging experience. It has to draw the reader in. But if you go on and on without getting to the meat of your article, to the hook promised by your title, you’re going to see your readers lose interest.

Just Can’t Get Enough

Make sure your sharing the kind of content that your clientele and your audience just can’t get enough of. Your goal is to keep them coming back for more AND more. Are you tracking your article metrics to see which topics really ring the bell of your audience? If not, you might be missing the subject matter that takes your articles to the next level. Which leads into the next song and idea …

Everything Counts

Does everything you write really resonate with your audience? Did you give it 100% effort. Your audience can tell when your publishing simply to publish, when you’re phoning it in.

Don’t disappoint by publishing lackluster content that simply regurgitates the unique ideas of others. Your blog is the hub of your online home. It’s got to showcase you’re very best efforts and ideas. Every article counts and should be published only when it’s actually valuable to your audience.

People Are People

It’s important to realize that you can’t please everyone with every article. Because people are people, we are made up of differing opinions and ideas that don’t always harmonize.

Sometimes the ideas you share are going to create pushback, maybe even dissenting discussion. Consider this a good thing. It means your article is creating an actual reaction, which is fantastic. It’s generating discussion and causing your audience to think. The discussion might just lead to new connections and future article ideas.


Sometimes an article is going to be deeply personal. These can be difficult to share, leaving you feeling raw, emotional and even stripped of your defenses. But these kinds of articles resonate with an audience looking for something real and honest amidst a sea of sounds-alike content all trying to latch onto that latest buzz-worthy topic.

Let me clarify a bit. When I say a deeply personal article, I’m not saying you should dive into difficult topics like religion or politics in an attempt to be shocking or simply to create tension. I’m talking about sharing personal experiences, lessons learned, and even failures that might help your audience better their own businesses as they traverse the same paths you trod.

While they’re not easy to write, a really personal article is something to consider from time to time of you’re looking to make a real connection with your audience.

A Question Of Time

Topics are important, of course, when it comes to better blogging. But it’s just as important to consider the timing of your topics. It’s important to consider whether or not your article will got lost in the noise if it’s a currently trending topic. Even if you’re sharing a truly unique take on a trending topic, you face the possibility of your message moldering away if it’s a topic that has gone beyond saturation to stagnation due to overload.

From time to time you might want to consider shelving a topic if the timing isn’t right. And sometimes you’ll want to hop on the buzz train. Only you can decide if the time is right.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this musical wander down the road of better blogging? Have any better blogging tips you think I missed? That DepecheMode missed? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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  1. Paul Biedermann
    Paul Biedermann says:

    Fun post, Mallie — it just so happens that I’ve been listening to lots of Depeche Mode the past week, so very timely too. Never knew you could learn so much about blogging from these techno/industrial rockers!

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Paul, I take my ideas from daily life and my daily life involves a lot of listening … to music, podcasts and more. I think if we all looked a little deeper for our ideas, we’d have more unique content to share. You?

      • Paul Biedermann
        Paul Biedermann says:

        Such a great way to look at it, Malie — and I agree, of course. “Unique” is key — and even if the ideas aren’t the most original, how you present them can be. Bonus points if we learn more about you in the process.

        • Mallie Hart
          Mallie Hart says:

          Very true! Adding that little something personal and real can really make your content stand out amidst the noise, even if the topic’s already “been done.”

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      It really depends on the day. I’m not always in an 80’s mood. Some days it’s 90’s. But I also like new indie music. My favorite band is Frightened Rabbit, and their tunes are often on repeat. I really need to start regularly sharing playlists again. LOL.

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