Top 10 Twitter Tactics That Make You A Twittering Idiot!

Top 10 Twitter Tactics That Make You A Twittering Idiot!

Social media, when managed, maintained and used properly, can be magical. For businesses it offers up a chance to engage with current and potential clients, allowing you to broaden and deepen a relationship. However, when poorly utilized, there’s possibly nothing more annoying and potentially deal breaking. Sadly, Twitter – my favorite social media platform, tends to be a hot spot for some of the biggest offenders.

Terrible Twitter Tactics

We might call you a twit if you:

  1. Hijack our feed! We don’t need to see your name and avatar over and over AND OVER AGAIN, taking up our entire feed. Space it out a little, folks. Make it appear like your shares and ideas are part of a well planned choice, not a scattershoot.
  2. Don’t actually read, in its entirety, the article to which you post a link. Share out of date articles or misinformation and you’ll soon lose the trust and respect of your followers.
  3. Reply to every tweet on every feed you follow. Seriously, some tweets are just random thoughts or rhetorical questions that do not require your response. No one wants to see their feed taken over by your repeated “Yeah, man” reply posts.
  4. Never link out to pertinent information. You’re not omnipotent or omniscient. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Link out to pertinent articles, photos and videos. We’ll appreciate the share and consider you on top of what’s new and important in your industry or field.
  5. Use text speak and cutesy spellings. Yes, you’re limited to 140 characters. You can still utilize proper spelling and grammar.
  6. Get too personal. Yes, social media is about personalizing a brand and engaging with your audience. But it’s not a place to let loose with ranting political beliefs, too personal messages or moral dilemmas. TMI can drive friends away online, too.
  7. Automate without a sense of timing and importance. Posts should be timely and relevant. Breaking news posted three days later has no value.
  8. Hash tag EVERYTHING. Yes, hash tags help your tweet get found in search. But you don’t have to take up every available character with hash tags that might not mean much to the conversation.
  9. Hash tag inappropriately. It’s a lot like web sites that used to add keywords to their meta tags that had nothing to do with their site’s actual content. It’s cheating and it’s annoying. We feel duped. When we feel duped we cease to follow.
  10. Fail to change out your avatar. Want your business taken seriously? Post your logo, a head shot, something. Not that default egg. Many consider Twitter a serious business tool, me included. If you can’t take the time to completely fill out the shortest about section across all social channels correctly, how can we take you seriously.

Did I miss one of your top Twitter peeves? Of course there are others that I didn’t list. Feel free to share the tactics that get you riled in the comments below.

Happy Friday and here’s to a wonderful weekend free from Twitter twits!

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  1. Robin Strohmaier
    Robin Strohmaier says:

    Mallie, I thought about you the other day when I was scanning an article that I thought was a great candidate for sharing on Twitter. It was by someone I have been following for some time in the social sphere. Then, I spotted one of the tips on getting more followers – and that tip suggested buying them on Fiverr. Ouch! I had to come back and find this article and point #2: “Don’t actually read, in its entirety, the article to which you post a link.” Great advice as always, Mallie. Will be sharing this article again!

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