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Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Scheduling


If I’ve tried one social media scheduling tool, Ive tried them all. Seriously!

I’ve tried and tested Hootsuite, Edgar, Sprout Social, and plenty more … yet I always switch back to good old Buffer. I’m able to schedule posts for Facebook pages, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest and Google+ pages with a nice applet. I can check out simple analytics and use them in reports my social media management customers can understand. And if a post does really well, I can schedule it for repost right from my analytics panel.

Add in the ability to add your RSS feeds and it’s pretty flipping impressive!

Social Media Monitoring


When you manage only one Twitter account, you can mange within the native application. In face, that’s where I live when I’m working on my own tweeting and connecting.

But when you’re managing multiple accounts, you’ll want to check out Tweetdeck. When you’re really intent on making the most of Twitter, it’s a sure thing. It allows for many customizations and mention monitorings and because it’s not trying to be a jack of all trades, it gets right down to business!


I do my Pinterest scheduling with Buffer, but when I want to see where my site’s pinnable images are landing, I look no further than Tailwind.

I use the free option, as I get some analytics from Buffer. Tailwind just provides that little bit extra for my own knowledge and when I’m creating monthly reports from my clients!

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Wonderful Web Hosting

Featuring fantastic customer service and unbelievable uptime, I’ve never had a moment’s doubt that my sites are up and running smoothly. Your website is the online home of your business and brand, so you certainly want hosted by company you can trust.

SiteGround: Wonderful Web Hosting
Superb Social Sharing

Sure. There are plenty of freebie social sharing plug-ins available. Or you can cobble together a widget or two. But you get what you pay for! Premium plugins like Social Warfare provide premium services and results. Well worth the less than $30 yearly price tag!

Social Warfare: Superb Social Sharing
Effective Email Marketing

I admit it, I was really slow to embrace list building. And I tried numerous tools before I landed on Get Response. But you can’t beat the power combo of ease of use, simple and effective email design, and affordable pricing on plans. Get ready to receive your response, TODAY!

Get Response: Effective Email Marketing