Creating Connection: The Power of Personal!

When it comes to making  a new connection, especially on Twitter, I often find myself asking the same question. What does the “D” in DM stand for?

Amazingly enough it doesn’t stand for dumb, dubious or delusional. It stands for D-I-R-E-C-T. As in delivered “directly” to me.

Yet, more often than not – and far more often than is prudent, marketers take the easy way out with automated and generic, rather than directed to me, messages. And let’s be honest. It’s easy to believe that dumb, dubious and/or delusional are more fitting “D” words in many an instance.

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Connection With A Little Creativity: Personalize It!

I do occasionally get a DM that’s pertinent, relevant and from someone with whom I have a real connection. That means I can’t just ignore notifications of a new DM. I check them. sometimes several times per day.

And, sadly, more often than not the messages are abysmal automations, along the lines of:

“Oh heyyyy thanks for the follow. Yep, this is an auto response but it is still so nice to tweet you.”

“Thanks for following me! Please check out my work and give Thumbup like maybe?” With a link to Facebook, of course.

“Thanks for the follow. My apologies for the auto DM. If you are a woman in biz, read on …”

Take note, not a single one called me by name, nor even added my Twitter handle. For anyone not as well versed in the dumb DM as some of my long-time readers, this would be considered, by most digital marketers, asinine automation.

If You Have To Apologize … It’s Not A Good Idea!

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I don’t think I have to dig much deeper into this concept, right? If you’re apologizing right off the bat, the connection and possible relationship is already in jeopardy.

I’m Connected On Twitter Because I Like Twitter!

How about we test the Twitter waters before we dive into relationships on every single shiny social platform?

Immediately asking me to follow you on Facebook, look you up on Linkedin, or pal around on Periscope? It makes you look a little overeager and only interested in growing your numbers. Let me be brutally honest. It makes you look a little desperate.

I chose to follow you based on something in your profile. I took the time to read those 140 characters, to make the choice to connect. Hows-about you let me evaluate your Twitter enthusiasm before you egg me on to connect EVERYWHERE!

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How Can I Personalize If We’ve Just Connected?

I’m so glad you asked! Okay, okay, I asked for you. But I know that’s what you would ask if we were actually engaged in a face-to-face conversation on this topic!

It’s really not that hard. First and foremost, check out their profile. It’s short, sweet and should reveal something you can mention in a first foray into the 140 characters or less conversation. Yes, I know you CAN post more than that, but I’m old school!

Let’s use my profile as an example.

Go Creative Go!

Fueled by coffee & loud music, Mallie builds brands and marketing mojo! Digital & print design: logos, branding, web, content development, social media.

Okay. You can ask me how much coffee I’ve had that morning, what I’m listening to, what I’m currently working on, anything about design, logos, branding … yadda yadda. I’ve pretty much laid out plenty of opportunity to get the conversational ball rolling.

And my name is RIGHT there. So there’s absolutely no flippin’, or ding-danged, excuse for addressing me as Go. NONE! It’s not my name and it’s not even my business name. Your failure to take the 30 frickin’ seconds to suss that out is a sign that I was wrong to click to connect in the first place!

Don’t Be A Digital Dumbbell!

Take the time to personalize a response when someone follows you. It really makes a difference and it shows there’s a person with a heart, mind and soul behind your social media accounts.

Creating Connection: The Power of Personal!

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