Resolve 2016: Resolutions Get A Bad Rap!

As we near the end of 2015, many of us are planning, prepping and possibly already even procrastinating when it comes to our business drive and focus in 2016. We’re setting goals and a few of us might even be making resolutions.

Quick aside: If you do find yourself procrastinating and not getting the shizz done that needs to get done in order to take your business to the next level, please stop by the #RealYouRealBiz group on Facebook and join us as we hold one another accountable and keep it really REAL when it comes to running our business and staying sane!

Getting back to the idea of resolutions and the new year, when did resolutions become a bad thing? That’s not a rhetorical question? I’d really love to see some answers in the comment section.

My answer? Resolutions got a really bad rap when we failed to understand that resolutions, like any goals set, have to be realistic.

You’d like an example? But, of course. If during the last three months of 2015 you couldn’t drag your ass away from the computer to spend a little time at the gym even once a month, let alone once a week, it’s pretty ding-danged unrealistic to resolve that you’ll hit the gym five times per week in 2016.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Resolutions get a bad rap when we set ourselves up to fail with unrealistic goals.” quote=”Resolutions get a bad rap when we set ourselves up to fail before we can even begin to make a change.”]

We’re often just as unrealistic when we set goals for our business and brand. It’s really hard to succeed when we make resolutions that are ridiculously unattainable.

Resolution & Resolve Require Realism!

As I often do, I took to Google to find the definition of resolve, which is required in order to attain any goal and nail down any resolution.


1. decide firmly on a course of action.


1. firm determination to do something.

Firm and firmly, did you see those two words. You can’t be resolute or attain goals if you’re half-assing it. Unrealistic goals often go hand in hand with a lackadaisical attitude. Together they set a collision course for failure and resolutions once again get a bad rap as the bane of the new year.

If you don’t believe you can do it the resolution is doomed to failure before 2015 even ends!

Buck Up & Beat Down The Bullshit!

C’mon, admit it! You’re not going to blog five days a week if you’ve struggled for months to blog once a week. It’s just not realistic to set a goal like that. You’ll feel immense pressure almost immediately.

We all face pressure at work, it’s part of running a business. But when we set undue pressure on our minds or shoulders we’re setting ourselves up to fail.

What can you realistically resolve to do? That depends on you, on your strengths and weaknesses. You have to be open and honest with yourself and admit to the weaknesses and call on your strengths.

Resolutions Are NOT One Size Fits All!

While social media groups and communities often help bolster our resolve, they can be a burden when you feel like you’re not keeping up with other group members.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Resolutions, like social media solutions, are NOT one-size fits all!” quote=”Resolutions, like social media solutions, are NOT one-size fits all!”]

Your resolutions, the goals you set, have to be determined by what your business requires and what you need as an individual running that business.

Where are you missing the mark when it comes to landing leads that convert to clients?

If blogging gets eyes on your product prize, then you need to focus on crafting the best content you can, consistently. Notice I didn’t say you must resolve to blog five times each week. See the difference?

Resolutions Are Solutions, So Take Them Seriously!

Don’t get me wrong, goal setting is great. But we often fail to hit targets and our goals are often a bit greedy, making them unattainable.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Resolutions are more than goals! They’re possibility fueled by our resolve!” quote=”Resolutions are more than goals. They are possibility fueled by our resolve to create and maintain solutions to the problems we face in our business.”]

Whether you need to delegate tasks to a V.A. or consider time-blocking as a means to focus your productivity, you’re simply seeking a solution.

Why would you set yourself up to fail by being unrealistic? Lofty goals are great, but real and attainable solutions are so much smarter.

Resolutions have gotten a bad rap. But when you see that they’re really all about the resolve to create solutions, you realize they’re not so ding-danged bad. With a healthy dose of reality and some determination to succeed, I say be resolute and make 2016 a bigger and better year for your business and brand!

Resolve 2016: Resolutions Get A Bad Rap!

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