Dear Social Media Santa Claus … A Wishlist!

If there’s a mythical man monitoring the naughty and nice activities and actions taking place across the social media marketing sphere, this wishlist is for him!

Facebook Image Optimization Fix!

Social media and visual marketing … you’d think they’d go together like peanut butter and jelly. And, for the most, part the two are a dynamic duo that’s pretty ding-danged hard to beat.

Until, that is, you design your Facebook cover image, group header, or sadly enough, a simple visual image post and load it only to find Facebook’s piss-poor image optimization process has rendered it a pixelated, blurry, less than visually stunning mess. And don’t think we haven’t noticed that Facebook blue renders much better than any of the warmer colors in the palette.

It’s 2015, almost 2016, for Pete’s sake! When our images are required to meet certain standards in order to boost a post or place an ad, I feel we have the right to ask for certain standards when it comes to the rendering our images when uploaded to your platform.

If you want to remain the big fish in the small social media pond, Facebook, I suggest you sort out your image optimization problems.

Twitter! Give Us Back Our Social Media Share Counts!

Save me from the people shouting that social proof doesn’t matter and that share counts have no value. These are the same people violating ToS on Facebook by using their personal profiles to share their work-related reads and Q&A. Why? Because they know that more eyes on the prize actually DO matter.

Guess what? Twitter is the social media marketing platform where I’ve built my most active and engaged following. I’ve also worked hard to carefully cultivate and craft the content I share via my Twitter feed.

The well crafted content on my website? It’s most often shared to Twitter feeds. Yet, a great big nothing now shows where once I was able to showcase the time and effort I’d put into creating a quality Twitter following and feed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … Twitter is rented space and I should care more about the quality of my website and the content shared there. I already know that, so shut it! It’s pretty obvious that I do care an awful lot about the quality of my content and the value of my digital presence. I decorated my site for Christmas, after all.

If Twitter could invest the time and engineering expertise to change the star to a heart, I think we all know they could have come up with a way to keep showing share counts. It remains to be seen if Twitter sharing starts to tank. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Twitter could change stars to hearts, but couldn’t keep our share counts?” quote=”Twitter could engineer the change from stars to hearts, but couldn’t keep up with our share counts?”]

Pretty Please Can Proper Grammar Come To Pinterest?!?!

For me there’s almost nothing worse than seeing a silly meme go viral. With all of the killer content being published with equally killer images designed for pinning and sharing, why do we continue to clamor for poorly designed motivational quotes layered over images copied and pasted illegally after an image search?

Note, however, that I said there’s ALMOST nothing worse. There is one scarily sad thing that IS, INDEED even worse in the eyes of this social media marketer and designer.

What is it? It’s so much worse when these silly memes, uninteresting infographics and motivational meanderings are ALSO riddled with grammar and spelling errors. Yet, they’re still pinned, re-pinned and paraded around as awesome.

I can only shake my head sadly and fight the good fight by refusing to share anything riddled with errors. Where’s the craftsmanship and care when you can’t even proofread to ensure the apostrophe has been added to the appropriate spot?

How About You?

What’s on your wishlist for social media Santa Claus? What naughty needs to be made nice? Feel free to share it in the comment section below. I’m pretty sure you’ll find that you’re not alone when it comes to wanting a superior social media marketing experience!

Dear Social Media Santa Claus ... A Wishlist!

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6 replies
  1. Danny Brown
    Danny Brown says:

    My wishlist is simple. For social counts to disappear from all platforms, so there’s no need to care, worry, or be sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel for not caring. 🙂

    I’ll have to visit on desktop browser to see your Christmas decorations, not seeing on mobile.

        • Mallie Hart
          Mallie Hart says:

          I don’t have a hero image on my blog page, as I want the content first and foremost, but EVERY other page on the site is decorated. And right now the blog page is festive as my last two posts use festive feature images.

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      A laugh is a great response. But I’m also happy to see you chimed in with your own wishlist item. Yes, this was certainly written in a tongue-in-cheek style, but if we don’t voice our wants, there’s absolutely no chance for change. There may still be little chance, but at least we’ve spoken!

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