Stop Worrying About Peers Who Appear To Be “Everywhere” Online!

Stop Worrying About Peers Who Appear To Be "Everywhere" Online!


The digital marketing industry is a fascinating place to work. It’s fast paced, teeming with ideas and new technologies and it opens so many doors for new collaborations and connections.

But it also breeds insecurity, one-upmanship and petty jealousies.

Many a digital marketer finds him or herself battling the peer pressure to be online ALL THE TIME. To build and maintain a strong presence on every new social platform under the sun. We must tweet, pin, share, like, comment, blab, live stream, etc.


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Clients Are Kind Of Important!

Remember this when you’re freaking out about one of your peers and their “always on” 24-7-365 presence on each and every social platform …

They’re not serving clients!

If they can spend all day, EVERY day, crafting the coolest infographics, the most tempting tweets, the smartest social shares and live streaming walks with their dog, it means something. They’ve got no client work. No paying gig that takes precedence.

Now, now, now, before you start flipping out, YES, there are many marketers who manage to balance a productive and consistent online presence and a full client list. But, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that these marketers have carefully chosen their social networks and have crafted a plan that focuses on the few, not the many.

The savvy social marketer focuses on the platforms that make sense for his or her audience and business. Sure, they like to test and try new things, but they don’t feel the need to hop on every new “shiny object” and proclaim it the next greatest thing.

Successful marketers and designers aren’t on tweetchats all day, every day, because they’re doing the client work that pays the bills and keeps them in good standing with those clients. Completing client work in a timely fashion is a HUGE part of running a successful business.

You Are Running A Business, Aren’t You?

Running a business means you’ll spend plenty of time trying to cultivate and keep business. Because it’s those clients relying on your expertise that pay the bills.

Sure, you ABSOLUTELY can – and should – cultivate and keep business via strategic online channels.

But you’ve also got to make time for the actual work, be it web design, coaching, writing, consulting, what have you. You’ve got to deliver the promised goods or the paychecks won’t materialize.

And let’s not forget all of the behind the scenes fun that goes along with a business. Invoicing. Proposals. Lead generation and nurturing. Preparation for taxes. None of them all that glamorous, none of them helping you be popular online, but ALL of them vitally important to your business success!

The Business Of Building A Following?

But what if your end goal is to be an influencer, a big name in the social arena, a go-to guy or gal for all things always online? First of all, more power to you, as it’s not an easy task to become an online celebrity or thought leader (man, do I ever still hate that phrase).

If your goal is to be the keynote speaker at every big industry event going forward, then your time might be well spent trying to be seen everywhere. Again, though, I have to wonder how you’ll pay the bills before you’re hired by all and sundry to share the epic nature of your online presence.

And I gotta tell you, there are some big time public speakers, thought leaders and influencers in my peer group. And, guess what? They didn’t end up in their roles overnight. They put in the time online and off to learn their craft, gain the right following and honed their expertise by actually completing client projects in a timely and professional fashion.

Online, All The Time Is Bullshit!

If you’re planning to pay the bills rather than prizing the breadth of your online presence, you’re going to realize there’s no such thing as a strong online presence EVERYWHERE. You’ll pick your platforms, like you pick your prospects and you’ll put in the proper effort, time and invest the right amount of dollars to make it work best for you, your client base and your bottom line!

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  1. Cendrine Marrouat
    Cendrine Marrouat says:

    Yep, I completely agree. Plus, let’s be honest. The ones who are on 24/7 and still have client work have obviously hired outside help to take care of their presence. It’s impossible otherwise.

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