Better Blogging: Stop Second Guessing And Share!

Better Blogging: Stop Second Guessing And Share!

So, why do you blog? You’ve been told over and over again that content is KING and that blogging is the best way to reap any rewards from this king’s reign.

Is that the only reason you sit down at the keyboard?

I’m guessing not. I’m guessing you’re trying to connect with your audience as much as you’re trying to create content for publishing and sharing.

I could be wrong, but that’s my gut feeling and I’m sticking to it!

Audience & Authenticity

Some of my readers might say I trust my gut a bit too much and sometimes share thoughts in a way that borders on shameless. They’re entitled to their opinion, just as I’m entitled to mine.

But those few opinions aren’t going to stop me from sharing what I believe to be of value to my true audience. Those few opinions aren’t going to change my blogging style, nor will they cause me to squelch my unique voice or message.

I could certainly comb my feeds, plug phrases into popularity searches and do my darnedest to dabble on topics that have already been well discussed, in a bid to boost any budding popularity I’m attempting to possess.

But where’s the value in that?

I often, leading up to my final publish, wonder if I’ve finally pushed the envelope that tiny bit too far. Wonder if this is the post that’s going to cause a reader to lose his/her cool and really let loose on me.

I have moments of worry, concern, even fear before I finally let an article fly. I might change a sentence or two. Tone down a line or two. But I’ve never shelved an article fearing that it was too much.

They Love Me … They Love Me Not

Sure. You have to consider your audience before and after the publish.

You must be prepared for discussion and the possibility of dissenting opinions. These discussions can grow heated. You might face anger and misunderstanding.

Someone will almost certainly feel that you’re calling them out personally, even though that was never your intention. LOL. To this day there’s a certain social media marketer who’s certain a specific article is about her. Funnily enough, she never crossed my mind as I was writing it. Perception is often a funny thing.

But you can’t please everyone. And if you try, you’ll find yourself wandering down a path that leaves your unique voice, your brand message, pretty much your whole business identity, falling behind, feeling forlorn, abandoned and alone.

Yes, you’re publishing in order to be read. And, of course, you also hope those who read will help spread the word with a little (okay, a LOT) of social sharing.

But deep down you’re publishing to provide value to your target audience, hoping to connect, engage, and eventually make a sale.

With whom do you really want to work?

Stop Second Guessing … Share

I know that I want to to work with clients who share some of the same thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I happen to share. And that’s why I don’t shy away from sharing those ideas in my articles.

The point of my blogging isn’t the social shares, though they are quite nice and I suppose seeing decent sharing numbers provides me with a little social proof, which might mean something to certain members of my ideal audience.

That ideal audience is the real reason for the publish though. I’m looking to connect, via my blogging efforts, with like minded individuals with whom I can collaborate on future projects.

If being the real you alienates a handful of readers, you have to consider a hard fact. Those readers weren’t your ideal audience after all!

If you’re prevaricating and pandering trying to appeal to an audience, neither party benefits. It’s a lose-lose endeavor.

Are You Second Guessing? Rather Than Sharing?

What’s holding you back from digging deep and sharing the real you with your readers?

4 replies
  1. Caitlin Powell
    Caitlin Powell says:

    “If being the real you alienates a handful of readers, you have to consider a hard fact. Those readers weren’t your ideal audience after all!”

    All types of true!! Great post!

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Thanks, Caitlin. I absolutely love it when something I write resonates in this way.

      And what’s the point of being anyone but yourself?

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