Sanitize Your Social Media Streams And Connections

Sanitize Your Social Media Streams And Connections

Do you ever take a quick run through your Twitter feed, through the article shares and random musings, and wonder why the hell you’re following some of these people?

Ever run through the posts in one of your Google+ circles and feel disgruntled and disappointed by what you find?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above you’re not a bad person. You’re not a sorry or sucky social media marketer.

What are you? A human being! A person with your own specific feelings, opinions, and ways about doing the things that make your business and brand the kind of success you seek!

Connections Ain’t Forever!

You don’t marry every person you’ve ever dated. If you did polygamy would be legal and legitimate.

So, it makes sense to consider that connections aren’t necessarily necessary forever.

People change over time. You’re not the same person you were ten years ago. You’re not the same person you were two years ago. Heck, if you’re a Gemini like me, you’re probably not the person you were two minutes ago.

Change is human. Change happens. Your connection needs and requirements will change over time.

When the connection changes so much that it’s no longer valuable to you, it’s time to cut the cord.

Sanitizing & Streamlining Your Feeds

We spend varying amounts of time carefully cultivating your connections and the content that shows up in your various social media feeds.

I spend a lot of time monitoring and managing my feeds, because I want them to work for me, not against me. I want my feeds to inspire me. To inspire me to take action, to prompt an idea for a new article, to get me revved up to rock a new product or service initiative.

Sometimes I look to my feeds to learn. Sometimes I’m looking for killer content worthy of sharing.

And yes, I am running a business. So I look to my feeds for opportunities to take the right connections from interested party, to interested prospect, to paying customer!

No matter what I’m looking for, it’s my job to ensure my feed, my connections, continue to deliver. If they’re not delivering, there’s no one to blame but myself.

Nix The Not So Awesome!

If it no longer interests you, it’s time to consider taking action.

Not too long ago, I removed several of the marketing “powerhouse” sites from my feeds. Why? Because the content shared had been said and resaid, hashed out and rehashed, so many times that I no longer felt I was learning anything new.

Instead I’ve carefully cultivated connections with newer, hungrier, more willing to push the envelope and put themselves out on a limb, marketers who aren’t rehashing what’s already been said and said well.

To round out this read, I’m sharing some broad, and sadly stereotypical (stereotypes come from real people and real situations, peeps), connections worth culling categories. Wow, say those last four words three times fast!

Once A Big Deal And Hanging On With Both Hands!

Many a marketer made a name for his/her self during the boom time of a specific platform. Some of them have weathered the changes well and are still sharing incredibly valuable and viable information.

Sadly, that’s not true for all of them. Some are hanging on for all they’re worth, and the ideas and content they continue to share is well past its sell-by date.

Clear ’em out. Leave ’em on a list if you feel the need to continue cultivate their favor as a influencer, but take them out of your active sharing and reading rotation.

Mr. Or Mrs. Mememememe!

Piggybacking on the hanger-on described above is the “all about me” social sharer. Everything they share comes from their OWN website. They’ve created hashtags specifically for their own “killer in all instances” content, along the lines of #normanknows or #sabrinasays. And that hashtag is on every share, every fifteen minutes, 24-7-365.

So NOT Social!

They aren’t going to look beyond their own borders, so it’s time to banish them from your feeds.

The Arguing For Argument’s Sake A-Hole!

I’m all for some delicious discussion and dissent. I am quick to take on the devil’s advocate role. I love the opportunity to discuss deep topics with my peers.

But there’s a certain kind of connection that creates disharmony with dissent on a dangerous level. This connection can’t let anything you post lie. He or she argues with you about EVERYTHING.

Being disagreeable isn’t the same as engaging in a smart dissenting discussion.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Deep six the connections who engage with you only to enrage with you!” quote=”Deep six the disagreeable douche-canoes who engage with you only hoping to enrage with you!”]

The My Way Or The Highway Huckster!

Social media and digital marketing isn’t a static field. Honestly, something changes daily, if not hourly. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. There’s no single way to sell, no single way to be social, no single way to share or connect.

You don’t fall prey to spammy offers that suck up space in your busy inbox. You delete them.

Do the same with the less than legitimate social shares you see about the ONLY way to successfully market your brand or business.

How About You?

When’s the last time you streamlined your streams, culled your connections or freshened-up your feeds? It’s time!

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3 replies
  1. Danny Brown
    Danny Brown says:

    Okay, so first, I tried repeating these four words really fast, and I think I jointly insulted the Russian people and my Gaelic ancestors…

    You know, this post comes at just the right time for me. As you know, I’ve stepped back from Twitter and G+, and am taking a prolonged hiatus from these two platforms. I might go back; I might not. It’s neither here nor there, because – for now – the content on there is just too uninspiring.

    Same goes for blogs. I used to have a bunch in my reader, and a few more in my email Inbox (I’m very protective of what I get, so a blog really has to be something to bypass the filter – so go you!).

    Now, I read about 10 blogs regularly and, with the exception of this one, they’re all centred around “pure blogging”. That’s not to say this blog falls outside that, but this is the only “business blog” I still subscribe to. The others are all purely personal.

    I miss the days when bloggers would challenge themselves as well as their audiences, and really push the boat out at what they were trying to achieve.

    Now, it’s all about shares, clicks, invites to speak at the same wanktastic circle jerks also known as social media conferences.

    It’s bland, insipid content, devoid of passion, devoid of grit, and devoid of any semblance of making me truly want to follow their every word.

    Ah well…. more time to savour the quality. 🙂

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      WOW! Well first of all, I’m so incredibly flattered that you’re allowing me to continue taking up space in your feeds and your inbox. It really means the world to me!

      OK, sappy lovefest over, LOL.

      I think you know that Derek recently “allowed” me to unleash even more of the “real” Mallie. Unfettered, perhaps.

      I’ve never been one to mince words, but I’ve also never been a mean person.
      I think there’s a balance.

      I’ve grown very tired of several individuals, both on Twitter and on Google+, who feel it’s their job to constantly tell me I’m wrong. About EVERYTHING. And it saddens me, greatly, because Twitter and G+ are my favorite online spaces for reflection, learning, sharing and discussing.

      I don’t want to block people, because it can come across as passive aggressive. But I also don’t want them leaching my love for what I do and how I do it.

      It’s a quandary my friend. A real quandary.

      • Danny Brown
        Danny Brown says:

        Yeah, these ones are peaches, aren’t they? Just because they do something a particular way doesn’t mean that’s the fount of all wisdom we should all adhere to. Man, if that was the case, we’d all be pumping out the lite types of post that Mashable publishes, and tweeting only when tweeted to.

        No thanks.

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