Give Your Content Marketing Some Bass!

My mom and dad could always tell when I was “feeling” something. Partly because I have absolutely no poker face and wear my emotions for all to see. But also from the way the house would shake when I needed to get my feelings on an even keel. I always turned to music to help out.

The house would shake because I’ve always been drawn to songs with a good bass line.

According to

A skilled bassist supports the group by providing a good-feeling, steady pulse. Most music that is well received has a steady rhythm, or beat, to it.

What Does That Have To Do With Content Marketing?

Quite a lot, actually, at least in my opinion. As an author or blogger, it’s your job to keep your content marketing thrumming with a steady pulse and the kinds of “feels” that evoke a reaction from your audience.

Can you hear this bass line without smiling? Without doing a little bouncy chair dance? Without a little post-punk pogoing? I can’t!

I wrote previously that your content is the rhythm section of your brand, your online identity. Your content must create a feel good groove that keeps your audience coming back for more. It must get their toes to tapping, get them moving in their seats.

Your Content Rhythm Rocks & Rolls

Just like different songs, different guitar licks, different bass lines evoke different “feels,” different emotions, so too must your content. We all get tired of the same groove at some point.

While Cannonball is a rolling, rip-roaring good time, it’s still got a vibey, not-so-fast feel. Sometimes you want more funk, more drive, more impetus to take action. Something more like this cover …

Yes, the song contains some ripping guitar licks and some hard-hitting drums, but the thing that drives this song along, no question is Flea’s bass line.

The best content marketers, like the best bassists, know that the underlying rhythm, the groove, the good “feels” allow for everything else to take place. It’s that vibe that helps us get our point across. Allows us to elicit emotion and response.

It’s That Underlying Groove That Matters!

Sometimes that bass line is almost hidden, but it’s what allows the layers above it to shine. Without that groove it would be easy for the guitarist, the vocalist, to wander and step out of time.

It’s the same with your content. That underlying groove keeps the core message in tune and in time. Content that delivers too fast isn’t able to fuse that point into our consciousness. On the flip side, a point that meanders and wanders without any underlying rhythm leaves a reader confused and might lose you your chance at a repeat visit or a share.

Without Rhythm There Is No Harmony

Harmony, very simply defined, is being together on something.

According to

The bass plays a powerful role in how we hear harmonies. When we hear several notes played at the same time, we hear them all relative to the lowest sounding pitch — the bass note.

When it comes to content marketing, that lowest pitch, that tone to which everything else relates, is our core message. Without that core message to keep everything else in harmony, our content would meander and would never drive home our intended point.

Content Marketing Must Have A Core Foundation!

In music, and in content marketing, there must be an underlying foundation upon which everything else can layer and build to create something beautiful.

Have you found your underlying foundation? Your core message? Are you driving it home with real groove in your articles?

Give Your Content Marketing Some Bass!

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