Social Sharing: I’d LOVE To Share Your Content, But …

Social Sharing: I'd LOVE To Share Your Content, But ...

You just don’t make it easy for me to do so!

It’s something I come across every day, no exaggeration. I comb through my RSS feeds, my Twitter lists, my Google+ circles, looking for some really interesting content to share. I like to share items that haven’t been shared a million times before, unique perspectives from authors with smaller followings like mine.

It never fails. I’ll come across a gem, a jewel in the crown of my content curating efforts, something I’m excited about sharing. And I end up with my head in my hands.

Social Sharing Drives Content Marketing

So, with that in mind, why do you make it so hard for your readers to effectively share your carefully crafted content?

[clickToTweet tweet=”You worked hard to craft that killer #content. So make it EASY to SHARE! #SMM” quote=”You worked hard to craft that killer content. So make it EASY to SHARE!” theme=”style4″]


Notice that I use the word “effectively.” Of course I have various Google Chrome extensions that allow me to share more easily. But that’s all about me. Don’t you want your content shared well.

I get it, any shares at all seem great. But if you take a little time make social sharing easier for your readers, you also make social sharing more effective when it comes to showcasing your brand.

Social Sharing Buttons Require Set-up!

You can’t just load your latest social sharing plug-in of choice and consider it done. You have to take the time to set up those sharing buttons properly, so that the sharing experience is easy and provides value on both sides of the share.

What’s entailed in smart social media sharing? I’m so glad you asked. I’ve compiled a short and simple list of to-dos and absolutely do nots.

  1. Do NOT make me search for your Twitter handle! Make sure your social sharing buttons allow you to set them up so that your Twitter handle is automatically part of the tweet when the social sharing button is clicked. That mention matters!
  2. Do NOT auto-populate a shared tweet, or any other kind of social media share, with a glut of hashtags and keywords and no real description of the content being shared. Make those characters count, even when they’re limited!
  3. DO add an appropriately sized and well-designed image to that article so that it’s ready for sharing via Pinterest boards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve so wanted share a great read on one of my boards, but can’t because there’s no image to pin!
  4.  Naked links need not expect sharing! DO add some context to the social share. Good sharing plug-ins allow you to add descriptions catered to the specific platform on which you intend to share the rocking read.
  5. Do NOT make me “edit down” for Twitter sharing. You know you get 140 characters or less. Don’t make me edit out 50+ characters! I’m just not going to do it, no matter how good the read.
  6. DO let me share where I’d like to share. Facebook might be your FAVORITE, and Twitter might be a contender. But I might want to share to Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest. Too much streamlining of your social sharing options isn’t smart!

My Weapon Of Choice?

My snark and sass, of course. Oh, wait a minute. We’re talking about smart social sharing.

I’ve tried A LOT of social sharing plug-ins and tools. Let me say that again …


Some worked better than others, but none really did everything I wanted them to do, until …

I went ahead and followed my gut and the recommendations of my peers and ponied up the dough for Social Warfare. It works, it works well and it’s so well designed and developed.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what a few other folks have to say!

Is This Social Sharing Plug-in Better Than Chocolate?

How Social Warfare Will Skyrocket Your Shares!

In A Nutshell? Make It Easy To Share AND We Will!

You worked hard to craft that killer content. But hitting publish isn’t the end goal. You want that killer content read and your get more reads when you get more shares.

Simple enough, right?


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    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Thanks, Barbara. As soon as I hit publish I started freaking out that I’d missed one of my own points and frantically double-checked all of my settings. LOL!

  1. Dustin W. Stout
    Dustin W. Stout says:

    You’re absolutely right Mallie! And thank your for saying such nice things about our plugin. We’ve worked very hard to make it the best solution for the problems bloggers have in getting their content shared, and we’ve only just begun. 🙂

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      I unplugged over the weekend, so apologies for the slow reply, Dustin. I’m absolutely loving the plug-in so far. I’m not yet using it in full capacity and can’t wait to see what else it can unleash!

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      You bet, Ashley. Part of smart comment marketing is knowing when to share what’s already been written and written well!

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