Better Blogging With Help From The Pixies!

We skipped Marketing & Music Monday last week, as we were enjoying a little down time over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. But we’re back, with one heck of a great band and their music’s message slickly turned to better blogging and marketing. I so enjoy these posts, and today’s band is a favorite of mine, but it’s also a tribute to my husband who rates the Pixies #1.

Levitate Me

Content marketing, and blogging plays a huge role here,  is meant to elevate our audience with education and entertainment.

Give me help
Give me help
You can… levitate me

But when we start to get a little too caught up in our own importance, when we start to believe in our own hype, and we start using our blogging efforts to levitate our own self worth, rather than levitating our audience, we have a problem!

If all in all is true
If all is true
Won’t you please fawn over me

When you focus on output for others, with them in mind, you’ll also levitate, or elevate, yourself. When your intent, purpose and focus is on the right target and end goal, everybody wins!

Where Is My Mind?

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
If there’s nothing in it
And you’ll ask yourself

Do you ever wonder if one of your article ideas is a little “too out there?”

I think we all sometimes face that concern. We’re hoping to share something unique and different, but we don’t want to be TOO different. And I think we do ourselves and our audience a disservice when we are too fearful to share what’s really floating around in our thoughts.

If your brain is full of ideas, you’re set. You’ve got blogging fodder. An empty mind is certainly far worse than one that’s possibly traveling a unique path, don’t you think?

I Bleed

Sometimes it can feel like you give and give AND give, and you get little in return. Blogging and content marketing can sometimes make you feel this way if you don’t feel you’re getting the right kind of R.O.I. from your writing efforts.

as loud as hell
a ringing bell
behind my smile
it shakes my teeth
and all the while
as vampires feed
i bleed

Admit it, sometimes you feel like your audience, your target market, your prospects are bleeding you dry.

But, I’m not sharing this tune in order to allow you to fall into a pit of depression. I share it so that you’ll remember that we all bleed. Have you ever considered that your content might just be the balm that stops the bleeding for for someone else?  And, once you remember that, isn’t it worth the while again?

you can place
a hand in hand
in bleed

Letter To Memphis

Okay, okay. Yes, I’m once again taking a love song, even one that’s a little off kilter, and doing my darnedest to tie it to blogging. But, bear with me. I’ve managed to make a connection on my other attempts!

why do you come so far and she said
trying to get to you
how i tried to get you
trying to get you

If we break blogging down to the smallest details, it’s all about getting to our audience with content. We go to great lengths to get to that audience. With each blog publish we’re “sending a letter” to our audience and hoping to get it to them and hoping they “get it.” It being our message.

i feel strong i feel lucky
trying to get to you

So, if you’ll let me stretch the concept a little bit, many of our blog posts are a love letter we’re trying to deliver to our readers. Right?

Dig For Fire

Building a blog takes time. Building a community of readers requires effort and inspiration. When we’re blogging in order to build an audience, we’re all digging for fire.

and i often ask her
“are you looking for the mother lode?”
no my child, this is not my desire
and then she said

i’m digging for fire

That fire is our continued inspiration, the ignition that keeps our blogging on track and on target. If we focus too intently on the “mother lode” we may burn out and fade away. but if we carefully dig for fire, and keep ourselves and our audience ignited with our ideas, we can keep warm while spreading that warmth to others. Fire can burn, of course, but it also keeps us alive.

It can keep your blogging efforts alive, too.

NOTE: You get a little extra Pixies goodness with the last video, as it also contains a live performance of “Allison.”

Your Turn!

Did I manage to tie these tunes into better blogging concepts? What’s your favorite Pixies tune? Is there another band you’d like me to explore in a future “episode” of Music & Marketing Monday?

I’d love to know what you think!

Better Blogging With Help From The Pixies!

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