Content Marketing: Embrace Some Noise!

Content Marketing: Embrace Some Noise!

I often get article ideas as I fly through my Facebook feed. That they’re often my most snarky reads is telling, but that’s another discussion for another time and publish.

This one really grabbed my attention, as it came from a marketer who’s coming back after a fairly long hiatus. I’ve been carefully watching and monitoring the re-entry.

The post was targeted to email marketers and email content. The premise? Losing the noise to gain the reads.

Funnily enough, the post touted creating killer titles. The title they chose? 4 Newsletter Tips. Not sure killer is the descriptor I’d use, but … again, time to get back on topic.

Content Clutter: What To Cut?

As I don my devil’s advocate horns, I say you should keep some of the clutter, some of the noise, in your content? Am I mad?

Crazy like a fox, maybe!

You Can Clean-Up Too Much!

When you take that one step too far in an attempt to create the most clear and concise content, you often end up with a canned, vanilla, or otherwise unappealing read.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Too much #content clean-up gains you lackluster content that fails to inspire!” quote=”Too much #content clean-up gains you lackluster content that fails to inspire!” theme=”style4″]

Why is this? Because you’ve stripped out all of the personality, all of the verve, all of the pizazz. When you clear out the “clutter,” you often clear out the creative quirks that help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

You might respond with …

But so-and-so writes like this!

And I’ll engage in some witty repartee along the lines of …

If so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

Some Noise Can Stand Out!

We’ve all heard about content shock and how your content, to be seen, must stand out amongst all the other noise. It makes sense.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you never make noise, your content won’t be heard above the current sound.” quote=”But, if you never make any noise, you can’t possibly be heard above the current sound.” theme=”style4″]

Consider music. Taken down to its very core, it’s meant to be heard. Thus, if we decide to go for extreme simplicity, all music is noise. We choose to listen to the musical style that appeals to us.

It’s much the same thing when it comes to the articles we read and the blogs we choose to follow. We read what we like, what makes us think, what appeals to us.

We’re drawn to specific noise.

Voice, Style, Tone? Not Noise!

Because we’re often reading, rather than listening to the content to which we subscribe (podcasts are another issue entirely), the noise is experienced with our eyes, not our ears.

Just yesterday, I received a lovely compliment, via Twitter. The new connection told me he loved my writing style. I was flattered, of course.

But here’s the thing. My writing style isn’t clean. It isn’t crisp. It’s fairly cluttered. I’m a noisy writer. There’s a lot of me thrown into the ideas and concepts I share when writing. A LOT.

Is all of my alliteration absolutely necessary? No. Am I getting rid of it in future. Again, no.

Do my article intros sometimes ramble? Sure. But I like to set a scene. And those who choose to read what I write seem to like that scene setting.

Embrace Your Necessary Noise!

We’re certainly not saying you should cram in clutter in order to ramp up your word count. Shorter posts certainly can be sweet when they get the point across quickly and well.

I rarely publish lengthy tomes. But I still embrace the noise that makes my content my own. I refuse to set aside the very style that has gained me readers in a bid to gain different readers. That would be akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water. Silly and senseless.