Dear Marketers: Easy Does It With Easy, Please!

Dear Marketers: Easy Does It With Easy, Please!

All it takes is a quick run through my tribes on Triberr or a fast dash through Feedly and there you have it. Effusive use of “easy.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Did you know that everything related to #marketing is easy? I had no idea!” quote=”Did you know that everything related to marketing is easy? I had no idea!”]

I was under the misconception that many of us actually work pretty ding-danged hard to gain our level of expertise in our chosen fields. Shame on me!

All of the time spent researching, testing and tweaking, keeping up with industry trends and articles … all a big fat waste of time. Because it’s all SOOOOOOOO easy.

Once again I find myself quoting the brilliant (and fictional) Dr. Sheldon Cooper. For the most part easy is no more than malarkey!

Easy Is As Easy Does!

And it often reverts back to the quote I bogarted for the heading above (in case you don’t get it immediately, think Forrest Gump).

Easy is a relative term. We all have something, or several somethings that come easily to us. Using myself as an example, most athletic pursuits come pretty easily. Reading and research also apply.

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You might think that I’d add graphic design, blogging or social media marketing to that list. But, SHOCKER, as much as I love them, and while I do think I’m pretty good at each, they don’t always come easy.

Creativity Isn’t Always Delivered In A Consistent Stream …

When your chosen profession draws on your creative ability and also requires consistency, you’re often faced with the dreaded dry spell. Sometimes you have to power through writer’s block, the inability to come up with a killer color scheme, a lack of fresh ideas.

It’s not as simple as shaking it off. A quick walk around the block doesn’t always bring the next BIG idea or burst of innovation.

Sometimes you have to keep on keeping on, creating schlock, deleting it, starting anew … over and over again.

Does that sound easy?

Time Spent Has To Be Considered

Even if the task itself is rather natural and falls handily into your skill set, it still takes time and effort.

[clickToTweet tweet=”At what point does #easy fail to make the cut-off? Five minutes? An hour? A day?” quote=”At what point does easy fail to make the cut-off? Five minutes? Half hour? An hour? Half a day? A day?” theme=”style4″]

I could keep going, but I’m guessing I’ve made my point.

Easy Devalues Talent, Expertise & Hard Work!

And it’s this point that really ruffles my feathers. Talent is something we spend time cultivating, expertise something we spend time honing. Delivering on creativity isn’t about speed or ease, it’s about work done well.

Sure, it’s easier for some than others. But, please note I used the word “easier,” not “easy.” It goes back to that idea of easy being relative. What takes me four hours might only take you two.  But I bet those two hours were filled with your expertise, your drive, your ambition and your hard work. Much like my four.

Tools Too Often Tout Easy!

Every day we hear how a certain tool or app is going to revolutionize the way we do business because it’s going to make our daily tasks easier. From design tools like Canva to scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, everything is now easy.

To be fair to many a tool creator, I’ll use the ever awesome Buffer as an example, they don’t all tout their tool or app as the second coming of easy. In fact, Buffer excels at creating content that showcases how the tool requires some time and effort even as it makes scheduling posts something we can automate.

Sadly, it’s often users of the tools, those that readily proclaim themselves evangelists of the easy application of said tool, that muck things up.

Tools, are simply that, tools. It’s the preparation and the skill that makes the tools valuable. Preparation, research, and the expertise behind them … NOT easy.

Hate To Tell You, But It Ain’t A Piece Of Cake!

Can we please stop throwing around easy like it’s the end all be all and everything that matters to business and brands?

It’s not easy. Most of it isn’t simple. It’s certainly not a snap of the fingers, nor is it a cake walk. Most of it involves hard work, plenty of time and effort, lots of trial and error and maybe even a tear or two. If you’re not prone to the occasional angry tear, you can substitute random swearing, desk bashing, what have you!

I’ll leave you with a final thought. When you try to come across as if everything you do is a breeze, easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy, you can come across like an absolute ass.

Lording it over your peers, potential clients, current clients, even friends and family isn’t cool. Give easy a break and showcase your commitment, your excellence, your talent instead.

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