Choose A New S-Word: Let’s Say So Long To Sexy!

Choose A New S-Word: Let's Say So Long To Sexy!

It is a Friday. And yes, some might consider this post a bit amusing – especially some of my alliterations, so it will fill the role of a Friday Funny share. But, there’s a part of me that’s dead serious.

Sexy … BLECH!

Sometimes the use of the term, in social media and digital marketing circles especially, just sickens me.

For the most part, party peeps, no one’s thinking about how sexy your social media services are, or are not. And let’s face it, many of the entrenched faces and voices in the industry, are aging. No, I’m not starting an ageist rant. I know there are several social media hotties in our midst.

But c’mon. I’m about to turn 44. I try to take care of myself, I play tennis and lift weights, and on good days I look in the mirror and think I’m cute as a button. But, I’m certainly not the epitome of sexy. I’m middle-aged and often crabby, for Pete’s sake (I hope Pete won’t think I’m taking his name in vain).

Let me ask you a question? Is anyone labeling Ted Rubin’s ideas or articles sexy? Doubtful. Socktastic (ha ha, it’s even an “S” word)? Probably. Sexy? Not so much. Same goes for Mark Schaefer. And for that other Schaffer? Neal, that’s it!

Strive For Something BETTER Than Sexy!

I don’t yearn for sexy.

[clickToTweet tweet=”I don’t want my acquaintances, peers and clients to think of me as ‘sexy.’ ” quote=”I don’t want my acquaintances, peers and clients to think of me as sexy (actually that’s quite creeptastic).” theme=”style4″]

I don’t want my design work deemed sexy. I really don’t want sexy attributed to me by anyone other than my husband. And maybe Benedict Cumberbatch (swoon). Okay?

Can we suss out a new S-word to get all jiggy with (yes, that DID totally out me as middle-aged, and I’m fine with it) going forward?

There are ever so many scintillating (add that one to the list post-haste) S-words we could champion instead.

How about smart, special, savvy?

What about giving stellar a whirl? It comes from the stars!

We could try standup, standout, striking. Maybe test the waters with successful, stirring, smashing or spirited?

If you like to snark and sass (sound like anyone you know?), you could strive for sparkling, salty, smoking or even sizzling!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being seen as skillful or satisfactory is there?

You can try for stupendous heights of sublime or supremity!

You can really knuckle down and go for sesquipedalian. WHAT? But, of course, it means “given to or characterized by the use of long words.” LOL!

Are you always giving when you write and share? Then there’s no doubt you could be described as swagalicious!

Last, but certainly not least, you can go for the penultimate “S” word and hobnob with the likes of a very famous Mary! Poppins, of course. Let’s all embrace supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Seriously? Enough With The Sexy!

I’ve just provided you with a stunning selection (still rocking that “S”) of superior words that will mean a lot more to your audience than the smarmy use of “sexy” to describe everything from scotch tape to sugar cookies!

Who’s with me?

Aside: Why didn’t I link to any of the powerhouse fellas I mentioned above?  Because I’m not trying to piggyback off their names to get reads on this post. It was a serious question. But I didn’t reference any of their specific work, so I feel linking would have been a little shady and gratuitous.

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  1. Kimberly Kline
    Kimberly Kline says:

    Always been a big fan of Stellar (so glad to see it mentioned!). And I have to say, the “creep” factor of using “sexy” is also a pet peeve of mine! Looking forward to more of these Sunday wrap-ups!

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Couldn’t agree more about the creep factor, Kimberly. I’m also so glad you enjoyed the first Sunday Summary mailing. I’m still sorting out exactly how it will be formatted going forward!

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    This blog had me cracking up. Just subscribed!

    For the most part I wholeheartedly agree – the use of “sexy” is just creepy in our industry. The only person who pulls off the term “sexy” to me is Amy Schmittauer from Savvy Sexy Social (and- of course, she won’t work for everyone). She talks about the name of her brand here: What do you think? Does it work for you, or are you sticking to your “sexy” guns? ( <<< ugh; case & point why the majoity of us should just steer clear from the term) . Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Hi Carla! Thanks for chiming in and for subscribing.

      Amy’s certainly built plenty of success with her brand. If it works for her, that’s all that really matters. I can agree to disagree and wish her all the best. I’ve been called sexy in the past, and I dare say I might again sometime in the future. I prefer, personally, to be recognized as smart, strong or snarky over sexy.

      If we all were exactly the same, in word, deed or opinion, the world would be a very boring place!

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