Your Content Is The Rhythm Section Of Your Brand!

Your Content Is The Rhythm Section Of Your Brand!

I’m a big fan of music with a pounding or pulsating rhythm. My mother used to laugh about the house shaking when I ensconced myself in my room with my music. I’ve always been able to work with music playing, back to my college term paper days. I don’t go for classical or calming, I want a steady building rhythm that keeps me pepped up for productivity!

Don’t you think your readers want the same steady rhythm when it comes to your content?

Content, Like A Good Band, Should Be Tight

When you hear about a band putting out a great album, or putting on a good show you often hear that the drummer was tight, or “in the pocket.” This means the drummer’s sticks are precise. But it also means there’s some personality and finesse shining through. The drummer’s keeping everyone in the band in time, but he/she’s also laying down a killer groove.

Your content should be doing the same thing for your brand.

Your content must be tight, must be on topic and what you write has to keep in line with your brand message and purpose.

But you’ve also got to lay down a groove and make the read a good time. Writers, like drummers, must let their finesse and personality shine within the tight confines of grammar and format.

Style Drives Bands AND Brands

Your content shouldn’t overshadow your ultimate goal, which is providing a great product, service or solution to your ideal client. The same goes for a great rhythm section. The bass player and the drummer aren’t there to outshine the vocals or the lyrics. They are there to enhance it.

Your content, shared across social media platforms, might be driving many eyes to your ultimate prize … what you’re selling. But, it has to do so carefully, with nuance and subtlety. You can’t slap your readers in the face with a hard sell.

Music shouldn’t be an assault on the ears. Your content shouldn’t be an assault on reader experience, either.

Is your content subtly highlighting and enhancing your products, services and solutions? If not, why not?

Dynamics Drive The Experience

I’m a fan of the loud/soft/loud or slow/fast/slow style in song. The Pixies, one of my favorite bands, nailed this with their music.

Another great example? Nirvana.

A plodding pace, in music or in content, soon becomes background filler or annoying. At the same time, too loud with no break in the noise doesn’t work either. Yelling at your audience rarely garners great result.

Dynamics drive the brand experience. Your content must showcase these varying dynamics. From the careful and calming recitation of facts and analytics to the exuberant drive of true emotion, your content must run the gamut.

If your articles aren’t eliciting any emotion, you’ll want to take a deeper look at your content and brand dynamics, then make sure your content showcases those dynamics. Are you lulling your readers into a near doze because your content lacks the dynamics to drive results?

We Want To Feel That Content!

What you publish should be more than a read, more than a quick scan for facts and quotes worth sharing. Your content has to build up the feels, much like a great song.

Music triggers emotion. So do great stories shared. If you think of your content as stories, as the sound of your brand, you’ll better appreciate what must be done to appeal to those reading.

Is your content staying to true to your brand vision and driving it forward? Or is it out of step and possibly out of tune? Your brand can’t build momentum or rhythm if your content isn’t keeping pace.


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  1. Josh St. Aubin
    Josh St. Aubin says:

    I love this analogy Mallie! And just like music, your brand isn’t meant for everyone. You have to play for YOUR audience and know what moves them. It might not be for everyone and that’s ok. Play for the passionate fans that can’t get enough and don’t worry if some people just don’t “get you”. The worst thing is when you try to be something for everyone.

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