The One Thing I Will NOT Do After WordCamp Atlanta!

The One Thing I Will NOT Do After WordCamp Atlanta!

Wordcamp Atlanta Absolutely Rocked!

I had a fantastic weekend full of networking and learning. From the fantastic food to the many new friends made, Wordcamp Atlanta (#wcatl) was a fantastic experience.

The day after a conference or event is often divided between playing catch-up and creating deeper connections with the awesome people you met while attending.

My rainy Monday morning to-do list includes the following:

  • Emailing clients whose projects need updates.
  • Cleaning out the email I didn’t get to read/delete over the weekend.
  • Adding some more handles to #wcatl Twitter list.
  • Connecting with a few folks on Linkedin.
  • Seeing which #wcatl attendees are Google+ geeks like me.
  • Checking out presenter and attendee websites.
  • Checking out presenter and attendee blogs (if applicable) for content to share.
  • Reviewing and setting up some of the tools shared during the weekend presentations.
  • Reviewing and setting up/revising some of the plug-ins shared during the weekend presentations.
  • Making some small tweaks to my own site, based on some of the smarts and best practices shared by event presenters.
  • Doing all of the same for Derek because he’s not the connecter/follower-upper that I am!

That to-do list isn’t complete. It’s actually about double the size, and I certainly won’t be checking off all of those items today, or even this week. But, you’ve now read more than 200 words, and you’d probably like me to make good on my title, so I’ll get to the point.

I Will NOT Be Adding Any Wordcamp Attendees to My Mailing List Without Permission!

Sadly, this is a topic I’ve written about recently, and fairly often in my content marketing past.

My email address and my inbox are sacred. I choose what enters that inner sanctum (to a point of course, I’m trying to create dramatic effect here). I choose which lists to join.

Spamming me will certainly put you on my radar, but not in the most positive of ways, In fact, I’m going to mark you with a yellow card and keep a close eye on you. A second misstep will get you ejected from the game. Yes, I’ve played quite a bit of soccer!

Permission Is Paramount!

We’ve talked briefly, between sessions or over lunch. And I absolutely do want to get to know you a little better. I took your business card or asked for your Twitter handle for that very reason.

And that’s the key. I asked. I did not assume. It’s about choice and willingness on both sides of this new relationship.

You can choose not to follow me on Twitter. You certainly don’t have to connect with me on Linkedin or add me to one of your Google Plus circles. I can follow you and even share your content without taking away your choice.

But if I manually add you to my mailing list, eschewing the opt-in process, I’m taking away your choice. I’m invading your space under an assumption that you want my email content. It’s like me walking up and taking a bite of your conference chocolate chip cookie (they were FABULOUS, BTW) without asking. At the very least you’re going to look at me askance. At worst, you may very well slap my hand or face!

My Inbox, My Choice!

Don’t assume and don’t presume. If someone wants more of your content or wants that content delivered via their inbox, they’ll take the required steps.

I’ll be signing up for a few mailing lists today. I’m also pretty sure I’ll be opting-out of some lists to which I never opted-in. It’s part of doing business the digital way. But it shouldn’t be.

Treat me with respect by treating my inbox with the same regard!