Consultation Call Courtesy: If You Schedule, Answer!

Consultation Call Courtesy: If You Schedule, Answer!

If we schedule it … we will call.

Of course, after we schedule it, we’ll confirm it.

If we confirm it … we will call.

If we schedule, confirm and call … and you don’t answer?

Well, it’s a given that we’ll call you really bad names, privately of course, and then carefully reconsider your value as a prospective lead and/or client!

It’s Not Really A “Free” Consultation

No, I’m not involved in some ridiculous scam where if you pick up the call I’m somehow going to swindle you out of a squijillion dollars.

That call? It’s not so free for me, the one making the call. Why not?

I’ve taken the time to add you to my CRM as a lead. A very soft lead, of course, but your affirmative answer has led me to believe that you have some interest in me, if not in my product or service.

I’ve also added the call to my calendar, with you invited, and set up various reminder notifications. I’ve also crafted a follow-up email to make sure we are still on for the call.

Finally, because it’s important for me to understand you in order to understand how I might be of value to you, I spend a lot of time on research. Researching you, your company, your current clients, your staff and more.

I go to Google, peruse your Pinterest boards, tip-toe through your Tweets and more. Depending on how active you are online this can take fifteen minutes, or it can take over an hour.

I’ve Cleared My Schedule

While my pre-call time investment might not be that heavy, I’ve also cleared a block of time for our call.

Whether I’ve allotted you fifteen minute or an hour, I can’t give that time slot to someone else.

If you’d done the right thing and canceled the call when I sent the initial confirmation, I could have given that time slot to an actual interested party. Maybe I could have slept in a few extra minutes that morning after a long night prepping (are you feeling guilty yet?).

BUT, I had an emergency!

Sure, we know these things happen. Kids get sick. The dog ate a pound of baking chocolate. You somehow managed to fill your car with diesel rather than unleaded (funny story – my mom actually did this way back in the day).

But, in the instance of an emergency, you can and should reach out and make some amends after the missed call.

I can’t tell you how many prospects, some people we’ve known for quite some time online, simply ignore our outreach after the missed call.

At the very least you should acknowledge that you missed the call and apologize for the confusion or wasted time.[clickToTweet tweet=”You were not coerced! You can say no. If you say yes to a consult, pick up the DAMN PHONE!” quote=”You were not coerced! You can choose to say no. If you say yes, pick up the DAMN PHONE!” theme=”style4″]

You Weren’t Coerced To Take the Call

You can and should say no if you’re not interested. We’re big boys and girls and we are well aware that selling, even a free consultation, is going to result in a LOT of no responses.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to take the call, don’t let me schedule the call.

Time, energy and effort ARE our money, too. Wasting it with an offhand yes to a consultation call doesn’t make you look good.

How do you proceed after a prospect, client or friend fails to pick up when you’ve scheduled a call. We’d love to know!