Benefits Of Creating Content: 5 Reasons To Get Busy!

Benefits Of Creating Content: 5 Reasons To Get Busy!

You hear it over and over again. Content is KING. Content is the key to increase reach and make impressions. But you’re still waffling about blogging – or creating other types of content, like videos, images or even podcasts. You just can’t seem to make the time to create content on a regular basis. Why?

Maybe you’re busy? Running your own business takes time. A lot of time. But …

Content Creates Opportunity!

Here’s hoping that one, or more, of these five content creation benefits will sway you to add creating content to your busy schedule!

1. Unique content (what you write, record or design – rather than what you share) gets visits to YOUR site. Your website! The hub and hallmark of your digital real estate. And visits to your site might lead to someone taking action (you know, via a Call to Action), which just might land you a prospect or solid lead!

In the end we’re all in business to make money, in order to sustain our lifestyle. Prospects and leads are crucial to finalizing a sale and bringing in the paycheck!

2. You want people to add themselves to your lists, right? Of course. Your list is something you own and it won’t go away unless you do something really stupid.

But, in order to get them on your list, you have to – YES – get them to your site. Content you’ve created is a big draw when it comes to creating clicks that land eyes on your site.

If the content you’ve created is compelling, they’ll want to see more. This just might prompt site visitors to sign up for regular updates.

3. Social media shares generally don’t get as much reach and response as unique content, be it an image or a link to an article or video. Social media marketing and smart sharing is valuable to your overall marketing efforts. Creating content for your social media platforms, content that drives prospects back to your site, your calls to action and your list building efforts is crucial.

Even Twitter allows for visuals and video.

4. Content creates conversations. Taking a stand on an issue, sharing your unique perspective or taking on the devil’s advocate role can create a conversation or discussion. Discussions and the further sharing of ideas can often spark interest in other things you have to say and share.

5. Content creates influence.

What’s influence? It’s that special something that comes when the content you share strikes a chord, is highly valuable and generates trust.

Sharing the content of others is great, and shows you’re generous and on top of your industry. But creating content that inspires is one of the best ways to gain an influential position and credibility in your target market.

Hopefully one of these five content creation benefits will strike with the AHA moment needed to make creating content one of your main marketing pursuits!

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