Negative Reviews: I’d Really Rather You Just Helped Me!

Negative Reviews: I'd Really Rather You Just Helped Me!

Dear Service Provider,

I’d like to share something with you. Something important. Something I really feel you should know.

I’d really rather do ALMOST ANYTHING else before I am forced to leave you a negative review.

While I’m known for the occasional ranting read and my sass and snark are oft mentioned before any of my other attributes, I’m really not all that into slamming your services online.

I’d rather not sign onto Yelp and leave a nasty review, or even a not so nasty review.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never left a review, negative or otherwise, on Yelp.

Provide The Services I’m Paying For!

While I’m sure a negative review might get you to stand up and take notice that I’m unhappy, I’d really prefer a speedy resolution.

This article was prompted by a heartfelt plea for understanding from a new digital marketing friend. She posted to Facebook, solely for the response of her friends and peer group, asking whether or a company with which she was having issues actually cared.

Let me reiterate, my friend didn’t tag the company in the complaint or blast them across social channels. She was merely looking for feedback and a little empathy from her trusted circle.

Hear me now service provider! Don’t make me complain to my friends. Because the next step up from there often involves my friends telling me how to take my complaints to the next level.

I’d rather you just help me when I create and send a support ticket. I’ve either already paid for your service, or I continue to pay for it on a monthly basis. When I have a problem I’d like to know I can contact you in order to effect a speedy and long-lasting resolution.

Don’t Make Me Jump Through Hoops!

I’m not a fan of the phone. But many people prefer it as a means of communication.

As much as I’d rather chat on Skype or via a Google Hangout, I actually post my phone number prominently in the header of my website, so that those with a preference for the phone can easily dial my digits as needed.

Far too many digital service providers don’t post numbers at all, or bury it so deep in their site that no customer can spare the time to actually dig it up.

I’d also like it if you actually posted an email address. Your forms are fine, but when I’m really having an issue, I’d like to know I have other options.

Last thing on this subtopic, if you’re going to post that you offer LiveChat, you need to actually have it operational, at the very least, during a business hours window.

Monitor Your Mentions Before We Melt Down!

I don’t really want to call out your company in 140 characters of scathing sass and snark.

I’d rather you actually monitor your Twitter feed to see if we’re mentioning issues. Then, once you see we’re sharing issues in tweets, I’d really appreciate it if you’d provide regular updates, via tweet, to keep me informed.

It would be great if you had a staffer that actually checked your Facebook messages from time to time. You see, I believe that you share negative feedback in private, thus I sent you a PM. Don’t make me take it public for all of the Facebook-o-sphere to see.

We’re Just Looking For A Little Help!

When we have an issue with your product, we’d like to think that you’re actually trying to feel some of our pain. So, act and react with a little empathy, please.

Have you ever been forced to take your woes to the next level with a public social media post? Have you ever left a negative review, be it on Yelp, a Facebook page or elsewhere?