Social Design: Your Brand Presence On Social Media

Social Design: Your Brand Presence On Social Media

When we think about design, numerous phrases come to mind: interior, graphic, web, etc. But when I say the words “social design”, I often get quizzical looks. Then the questions start.

Oh, you mean my logo?

Oh, are you talking about my Facebook cover?

Oh, okay! We’re discussing my blog header, right?

Yes, but there’s so much more! Sure, your colors, fonts, taglines, avatars and identity images (logos and headshots) play a huge role in social design. Of course you want your brand to be represented. But your brand is a whole lot more than the tangible, visual elements I just listed.

Your brand also has a personality and tone. This personality and tone must be reinforced in a variety of post types across a multitude of social media platforms. Your brand must shine in short form bursts on Twitter, as well as the  longer posts, questions and discussion – often with images – you share on Facebook,  AND the still longer discussions and sharing of ideas  when you publish via your blog.

The content your create and share (because we all know we can’t create it all) is also part of your well designed social business presence. Carefully reading and vetting the content of the authors with whom we are connected, we then must carefully choose the articles and ideas based on ideas, outlooks and concepts that are similar to our own. The connections we make and build with others influence the future connections we will make, and, thus, the future content we’ll share.

So, social design has to be fluid – as we will all continue to connect and build new relationships as we grow our own presence.

How does one maintain a focused brand identity with the constant change and flux that is social business? It’s a topic we’ll be digging into in future articles and discussions. While there are purely visual elements of your brand, and it’s very important to keep them focused and cohesive across platforms, as we stated above there’s much, much more.

Your brand is the foundation, the bricks and mortar behind your business. It’s made up of so very many elements, from your logo to the people you hire or with whom you choose to collaborate. We look forward to digging a little deeper and sharing many thoughts and ideas that will help you solidify and strengthen your brand across your varied digital marketing hubs.

Please share what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “social design.”

4 replies
  1. Anton Rius
    Anton Rius says:

    Great point, Mallie! Appealing visual design gives people an initial superficial impression of your brand, but how you follow through in your long-term strategy is something a lot of people don’t think about.

    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Thanks, Anton. This is actually a repurpose of an old article, and while working on it, I realized I could publish several specific articles on the topic. Here’s hoping I do them justice!

  2. Ti Roberts
    Ti Roberts says:

    Great article. I think is important to be creative when it comes to your logo and branding graphics on social media, but I also feel that it’s important to ensure that your graphics are legible and make since for your particular brand.


    • Mallie Hart
      Mallie Hart says:

      Hi Ti! Thanks for your response. And you are absolutely correct. As a matter of purpose, we believe that graphics and visual elements are only one SMALL part of your overall social design. But when they are created, they must be created well, with intent and proper purpose!

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